Get Azure Windows RDP - 7GB RAM | 2 Cores | 6 Hours Repeatable

Get Azure Windows RDP - 7GB RAM | 2 Cores | 6 Hours Repeatable

This RDP works for 6 Hours. But its Repeatable So You Can Create New RDP Every Six Hours…


Step 1 - Open Incognito Window in Browser.

Step 2 - Visit Github 23. and Signup Using (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo,) [Don’t Use Temp Mail]

Step 3 - Open this GITHUB Repo Link and Click Fork in the right corner of the screen to save it to your GITHUB. - Windows Server 2019

Step 4 - Open newtab and Visit Ngrok to get NGROK_AUTH_TOKEN [ Login / Signup using Temp mail ]

Step 5 - Switch to previous GitHub tab, in GitHub go to Settings> Secrets> New repository secret

Step 6 - In Name section fill NGROK_AUTH_TOKEN and in value section NGROK Auth  Copy and Paste Your AUTH token and Press Add secret

Step 7 - In GitHub repo Code Section Open folder .github/workflows click main.yml. Copy that main.yml Code Block and after copying delete that file from your repo.

Step 8 - Go to Actions > set up a workflow yourself > in Edit new file Section paste the Code from Prev Step. In line 26 - 28 Replace your Username

Before - Invoke-WebRequest docefio/Windows2019RDP-Github/main/NGROK-US.bat -OutFile NGROK-US.bat
After - Invoke-WebRequest LZE/Windows2019RDP-Github/main/NGROK-US.bat -OutFile NGROK-US.bat

Step 9 - Go to Actions > CI > Run Workflow and Reload the page and press CI> build.

Step 10 - Press the down arrow on Connect to your RDP 2core-7GB Ram to get IP, User, Password.
ip : http://*
Username : administrator
Password : [email protected]

Step 11 - You Can use Windows Remote Desktop Connection / TurnoVNC or Similar apps to Connect RDP