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Dokan is the best front end multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce. It helps you to build your own marketplace similar to Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento like marketplaces in under 30 minutes.

Dokan is the fastest way to start eCommerce and earn through commissions with products ranging from digital, physical to variable products.

Learn More About Dokan(PRO): All The Features of Dokan

Change log Dokan Business v3.7.0

v3.7.0 Jun 14, 2022

**new:** [ColorSchemeCustomizer] Updated admin color picker settings page and included 7 different color pallets for admin to choose from.
**new:** [VendorStaff] An email is sent to the vendor staff if the vendor changes the password.

**update:** Updated Dokan Pro and all modules settings page design according to the new settings page
**update:** if ‘Selling Product Types’ is set to ‘I plan to sell only digital products’ then when creating new variations of a variable product the 'Downloadable' and 'Virtual' checkboxes will be checked automatically if the corresponding values are empty. otherwise, the saved values will be placed
**update:** [ProductAdvertisement] delete advertisement product reference after the base product has been moved to the trash
**update:** [ProductAdvertisement] create advertisement base product after saving advertisement settings

**fix:** WPML translated endpoint not working in payment settings page
**fix:** Distance rate shipping doesn't show the proper shipping method title under Cart and Checkout page
**fix:** Distance rate shipping method rules order not saved
**fix:** Coupon percentage discount type doesn't respect WooCommerce decimal/thousand settings for coupon amount
**fix:** admin shipping method deletion doesn't delete vendor shipping methods

v3.4.2 Nov 30, 2021
- **new:** [Booking] Added accommodation booking for Booking module
- **new:** [Table Rate Shipping] Added distance rate shipping under table rate shipping module
- **new:** [Auction] Added downloadable and virtual product support for auction module
- **new:** [Store Support] Added searching and filtering for support tickets from vendor dashboard
- **new:** Added manual refund button for both admin and vendors. Admin and seller can use this feature to record manual refund.
- **new:** Added a new order note for payment gateways other than Dokan payment gateways.
- **new:** Added API refund support for payment gateways other than Dokan payment gateways. Based on admin settings, if admin approves a refund request, this will be also processed from corresponding payment gateway.
- **new:** [Delivery Time] Made delivery time fields required under checkout page, also added a settings page to make these fields required.
- **update:** Caching Enhancement and Fixes
- **update:** [Store Support] Display user display name instead of username under Get Support popup form.
- **update:** [Store Review] Display user display name instead of username under Store Review popup form.
- **update:** Added necessary tooltip for various Dokan settings.
- **update:** Replaced vendor dashboard dash icons with fontAwesome icons, this was causing conflict with some third party plugins
- **fix:** Disabled bulk action product edit/delete, inline product edit/delete if vendor is not enabled for selling
- **fix:** [Elementor] Fix a conflict with Elementor module and Vendor Analytics module. (Single store page layout was broken)
- **fix:** [Import/Export] Existing categories wasn’t importing while importing products
- **fix:** [Store Support] Fixed WPML conflict for various links (some links wasn’t working if site language is other than English)
- **fix:** Store category search option was throwing error on console
- **fix:** CSV import form is not working when multisite is enabled
- **fix:** Saving announcement as draft wasn’t working
- **fix:** Vendor coupon wasn’t working for variation products

Latest update 06/14/2022
Changelog v3.7.0 Jun 14, 2022

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