Filebob v1.8.0 - File Sharing and Storage Platform

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Filebob file sharing and storage platform, for single or multiple files. You can add files easily by dragging and dropping anywhere or clicking. upload progress is visible and intuitive and uploaded files can be previewed or downloaded and every file uploaded will have a specific URL that can share anywhere. the interface is completely responsive and easy to use, and the script has a SAAS version with pricing plans that you can set from the admin panel so you can start earning money from your customer’s subscriptions.

Front End Features:

  • Upload multiple files free & easy with or without an account
  • Login & Signup
  • Facebook login
  • Google captcha
  • Desktop and mobile ads
  • Download page with google ads
  • Nice user dashboard with all activites
  • Manage all uploaded files in file manager
  • Update account information & change password

Back End Features:

  • Full & Nice admin panel
  • All website statistics
  • Manage users ban & unban & view user uploads
  • Add new admin or user
  • Manage all uploads view & delete
  • Add and edit Ads
  • Storage :
  • Amazon S3
  • Wasabi S3
  • Manage Ads
  • Read & delete messages
  • Getting notifications if there is new messages
  • Blog posts and categories
  • Reports
  • File icons
  • Manage and add new pages
  • Update website settings
  • Website Name
  • Google analytics
  • Website storage
  • Home page heading
  • Home page descritption
  • Max file size
  • One time uploads
  • Download waiting time
  • AddThis Code
  • Disqus URL
  • Website colors
  • Logo & Favicon
  • Api : Google captcha
  • Api : Facebook login
  • Seo : Home title
  • Seo : Description
  • Seo : Keywords
  • Update admin account information & change password


  • Server Requirements
    • PHP 8.1x
    • Operating System : Linux or Windows
    • Shared, VPS or Dedicated Server
    • MySql: 5.7+
  • Required Upgrades
    • Enabling of allow_url_fopen
    • Increasing of max_execution_time
    • Increasing of max_input_time
    • Increasing of post_max_size
    • Increasing of memory_limit
    • Increasing of upload_max_filesize
  • PHP Extensions
    • BCMath PHP Extension
    • Ctype PHP Extension
    • Fileinfo PHP Extension
    • JSON PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension
    • pdo_mysql PHP Extension
    • Tokenizer PHP Extension
    • XML PHP Extension
    • cURL PHP Extension
    • GD PHP Extension

Admin login

User login

You can create your account and try it.

Download addon for filebob :

- Storj Cloud Object Storage Add-on For Filebob

 - Idrive e2 Cloud Storage Add-on For Filebob

 - Digitalocean Spaces Add-on For Filebob

What’s Included

  • Script Files : All script files open source.
  • Documentation : How to install on cpanel, with full use instructions.


You will get a full guide to install the script , but you can always ask for our help by ordering our service

15$ Software installation service


Filebob Version 1.8 - 24 September 2023
[UPDATE] Upload and download functions updated
[UPDATE] Updated chunks delete cron command
[UPDATE] Addons system updated
[UPDATE] Admin panel design updated
[FIX] Installation requirements problem fixed
[FIX] Addons upload error fixed
[FIX] Stripe payment error fixed
[FIX] Razorpay payment error fixed

Latest update 09/24/2023
Type Untouched
Changelog Version 1.8 - 24 September 2023

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