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Nishue is the complete cryptocurrency lending program Software with multi-level marketing. every user level will get the commission of his lower has another wonderful cryptocurrency analysing live data compare system.

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#1 Nishue’s Awesome Features :

  • Crypto Currency buy sell
  • Crypto currency exchange
  • Live crypto compare system
  • Coin Lending
  • Multi level Marketing (MLM)
  • Coin Based MLM
  • Coin Based Affiliate
  • Level wise commission
  • Coin Deposite
  • Coin Withdraw
  • Money Transfer
  • Coin Package
  • Coin Lending
  • Buy sell Notification
  • SMS Notification
  • Email Notification
  • Coin Exchange
  • Coin Buy Sell
  • Bitcoin Payment
  • Payeer Payment
  • Mobile Payment
  • Multi Language
  • Team Bonus
  • Payeer Payment
  • Mobile Payment
  • Level Wise Award
  • Money Credit System
  • Exchange wallet
  • Your Local Currency Symbol
  • Live Coin Data
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly ROI
  • Responsive Website
  • Crypto News
  • Crypto Depth analysis
  • Google and Image ads
  • Coin calculator at website

Nishue v4.2 - 01/03/2022

1. Updated Image Coinmarket->anycoinname image.
2. Update backend code that allow URL f_open message
3. Admin Can't Buy/Sell
4. Web Subscription Email is not showing anywhere in the admin.
5. write content on our company
6. Page does not show datatable
7. Payout, Commission, Investment does not show datatable.
8. Check the admin dashboard chart.
9. Alignment and Table Name Problem
10. Check All Cancel Button.Cancel Button should redirect to the back page not in the dashboard.
11. Pdf Preview problem
12. Sanitize remove for HTML code in content.
13. Pdf can't upload.
14. Login page design issue
15. Terms and Condition pdf is not showing in the frontend
16. Double Validation Message Shows
17. Paystack Payment Gateway Problem Issue in exchange Buy
18. Sidebar Language Dynamic Issue
19. Admin Confirm Deposit
20. No Transfer List Found in Admin Menu

Latest update 03/01/2023
Type Untouched
Changelog Version: 4.2

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