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Support Board v3.5.1 is a WordPress plugin that helps you automate your customers’ communication with artificial intelligence-driven bots and a chat system integrated with the most-used platforms. Save time and use the software you already know and love. Communicate with your customers directly in Slack. Connect Dialogflow and use rich messages on the fly. Some of the supported messaging channels are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram, but there are more.

Change Log :

21/06/2022 | Support Board | V 3.5.1
Bug Fixed  related to reports.

Bug Fixed related to real-time message translations.

Bug Fixed  related to email piping.

Bug Fixed  related to the repeater admin setting.

New feature Option to overwrite the default settings via JS variable and PHP global variable.

Optimization Conversation details panel now available on mobile version.

Optimization Improved conversation transcripts.

Optimization Agent name is now showed on mouse over the agent profile picture beside the message.

Optimization Fixed missing translations.

Optimization Improved responsiveness on tablets.

Api Added 2 new arguments to the PHP API function sb_is_agent().

Api New PHP API function sb_is_supervisor().

Api New JS API event 'SBActiveUserLoaded'.

05/05/2022 | Support Board | V 3.5.0
- Fixed bug related to real-time translations message formatting.

- Fixed bug related email piping.

- Fixed bug related to messagin platform messages.

Latest update 06/21/2022
Changelog 21/06/2022 | Support Board | V 3.5.1

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