Wovie: Redux v4.0.0 ReDo Movie and TV Series Streaming Platform

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All in one Movie and TV Show streaming script, originally created by a member of Codester taken over and improved on by zdata. You can find the original version of the script to download here: Codester – Wovie 1.

Wovie Redux: v4.0.0

Full site conversion to use TMDb images as opposed to downloading to local server.

  • New series and movies will now near on instantly add to libary
  • Image URLs can be edited for Movies, Series and Episodes.
  • Cover URLs can be edited for Movies, Series.
  • Actor Image URLs can be edited for Actors
  • Conversion of the full admin suite and front end to use image URLs

Home Page Blocks.

  • Added Most Viewed Weekly block.
    • Needs CRON in order to reset weekly.
  • Added Most View Monthly block.
    • Needs CRON in order to reset weekly.
  • Added Random movie or show button block.
  • Added option to enable scrolling for mobile or desktop
    • One toggle to scroll horizontally on desktop
    • One toggle to scroll horizontally on mobile
  • Removed 'Services' home page block.


  • Added second name to the results
    • !IMPORTANT! still haven't added second name to search query, getting closer to doing it.

Social Media:

  • Revamped social media buttons to use fontawesome as opposed to SVGs

Support Tickets (Beta):

  • Reduced options for reported content to Website Problem and Video Problem
    • This was to reduce the complication of multiple reports on user side.
    • Users MUST input reason when reporting content to make it easier for admin.
    • Support tickets in admin area can be replied to which the user can see
    • User can see their own support tickets on there profile but not other peoples.
    • Admin can see everyones support tickets.

URL Structure:


  • Renamed all menus and breadcrumbs to match show as opposed to series.
  • Now there's an option for every page on site to be added to menu.
  • Now there's an option for social media to be added to the menu.


  • Reworked movie page, now Download and Trailer buttons are under the video not above the video
    • If no Trailer it says "No Trailer"
    • If no Download it says "No Download"
  • Removed trailer button from underneath the image.
  • Trailer and Download button fully mobile friendly.
  • Added announcements which can be colored and added via the advanced settings tab.
  • Movie information now retains formatting when on mobile.


  • Reworked show page, Watch Now button has been relocated and works.
  • Actors now appear with images and scroll horizontally if they're a lot of them.
  • Show information retains formatting when on mobile.


  • Removed actors from this page as it's on the show page.
  • Download button and Trailer button are now underneath the video.


  • Requests can now be disabled with a message to people who try to request.
  • Requests are now listed most recent as opposed to oldest.

Admin Panel:

  • Home page now displays users online.
    • This is very basic and uses session cookies, not 100% accurate as some cookies don't get destroyed when closing the page.
  • Movies download button is now on the General tab as opposed to the video tab.
    • This allows you to use autoembed AND download URLs
  • Series download button is now on Episodes General tab as opposed to the video tab.
    • This allows you to use autoembed AND download URLs
  • Advanced settings tab can now be used to add an announcement and background color to the announcement.

Admin Settings:

  • Rearranged some of the settings in order to make it make more sense.
  • Google Adsense mode has been removed as it was mostly pointless.
  • Block manager has been modified to allow toggles for mobile slider and desktop slider.
  • Added VAST tag input to use on the new video player.
  • Fixed some PWA issues.
  • Removed option to disable Auto Embed as it only works when no video inputted.
  • Removed option for Link Shortener Quick Link as no one knew what it was.
  • Removed the multiple theme option.
  • Added an input for PayPal email address for the store

Store (Alpha):

  • Added the store to sell your own products.
    • Uses VERY VERY simple PayPal purchase logic so it's reliant on your following through with purchases.
    • Relies on you to add products via PhpMyAdmin or similar.
  • Doesn't allow you to add items via the admin panel yet as I'm really struggling to work it out.
  • Doesn't allow you to automatically promote users to other ranks as there's no other ranks to promote to.

New Video Player:

  • Now using VideoJS as opposed to Plyr.io
    • This allows for ChromeCast support
    • This allows for VAST advertisement support
    • I have not added support for subtitles as I can't do it.
    • I have not added support for Apple Airplay, but can be done in the code.

Misc Changes:

  • Far too lazy to translate it or modify existing translations so this only comes with English translations.
  • Fixed issue where changing language would default to first Alphabetised language.
  • Fixed the 100% width issue released on a prior version.
  • Fixed an issue where Categories wasn't working on movie and show page.
  • Fixed an issue where Countries wasn't working on movie and show page.
  • Removed 'Services' entirely from the website.

V3.3.3 (the redo)

Rolling back changes to v3.3.2 as apparently for most users I broke things, not sure why as it's working on my 3 sites, but start from scratch from 3.3.2 and go from there

  • Fixed Recently Added Series home module to not show anime


  • Added Serie tags to Episode page
  • Added Arabic Translation even though it's not 100% translated, it's translated enough
    • still need to work on script to work with right to left languages though


  • Changed the Admin menu to be a bit easier
    • Under Content Movies is on top, then Series, then Slider and everything below it is Alphabetical
    • Under Community Users is on top and everything below it is Alphabetical
    • Under Settings General is on top and everything below it is Alphabetical
  • Changed Collections Page to only show admin collections
    • Users can still have collections but they will only show up on their profile pages
  • Changed Actors on Serie/Episode/Movie pages, moved it into it's on spot above the Similar Content (thanks to @flixmu for the code and suggestion)
    • Need to add a limit/show more/less option

*To Do:

  • Fix on the movie/serie/episode pages the link to genres doesn't actually work it just goes to the movies or series page but doesn't apply the genre
  • Fix when admin/user uses a rtl that the script actually shows rtl and not ltr
  • Fix search to recognize non-roman/latin lettering
  • Fix not able to remove genre from existing listings
  • Look into collections not allowing more than 8
  • Check out flixmu's additions for TinyAnalytics On dashboard admin and Add Player Manager in admin
  • Add a collapse option to the actor section on serie/episode/movie or how it was show x number and then a show more button

Wovie came with a range of features such as:

  • TMDb Import of movies and shows.?
  • Onesignal API for notifying subscribed members.?
  • Comment system.?
  • A forums section.?
  • Advertisement manager and advertisement slots.?

But we’ve come together and added a boat load of fixes and features which can be found below!

  • Chatbox for requests and general chit chat.
  • PWA Support which works on Android and iOS for those none native apps.
  • Better SEO Support.
  • More customisations.
  • Sitemap generation for Google Search Console.
  • RSS Feeds for your users to subscribe to.
  • Maintenance mode for if you need to do some secret work.
  • Auto embed support using Remote Stream*

And Tons of bug fixes!


  • PHP 7.2+
  • Ability to Chmod 777 folders
    • If you can’t Chmod 777 for host reasons then disable chatbox
  • MySQL database
  • Basic knowledge of executing SQL for upgrades.
  • OneSignal API key for OneSignal support
  • TMDb API key for importing movies and shows

v4.0 – Currently Available.

We will continue to support this script and improve it in due time, any recommendations you can drop below, we may look and consider them but it doesn’t mean they’ll be added. If you’re wanting more personal customizations we can chat about this privately, however this will prevent you having any further updates to the script and we may not wish to do them.

A small update
Wovie: Redux V3.3.2

  • Fixed Category page, removed the extra quality code that made the on hover black instead of transparent
  • Fixed Slider limited to 6 regardless of what they put into the admin
  • Added Categories link to breadcrumb on Category page, changed a bit of the code to match the discovery page
  • Added the page description to the Discovery page
  • Added a max width on the player so it isn't so huge on larger screens
Latest update 06/01/2022
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Changelog v4.0.0 06/01/2022

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